Pärnu and Tallinn, Estonia, 27.-29.5.2013

Day 1

Right. So, the morning after returning from Brighton, I was off to Estonia with my favourite class of all time, 9E of 2013. I was so happy that they wanted me to go with them, and I wish the rest of them had come with us, too, so that the whole class could've been together (I think almost five people didn't come on the trip).

Anyway, we met up in front of the school really early in the morning (considering we'd just arrived from England the night before and had time to sleep for a couple of hours). We caught a taxi from Julcsi's place to the school and Tia came with us as well as otherwise she'd have had to walk with a huge backpack. Anyway, some of the students were already there and eventually we took off with our bus. We'd first catch a ferry to Tallinn and then our bus would take us to Pärnu, which is this beautiful seaside town in southwestern Estonia.

On our first day, we didn't really have anything much planned so we mainly just got our rooms and then had a walk on the beach to see where it was and what it was like.

Day 2

On our second day, we had some activities planned. First of all, we had a guided bus tour of the town. The guide was really good and I loved listening to what she had to say about Pärnu! Pärnu is insanely beautiful, I had no idea we had such a paradise so close to us! It's this small, idyllic town filled with romantic wooden houses and the smell of sea salt floating in the air. Heaven!

Our guide.

Next up was Valgeranna seikluspark, which is this adventure park where you climb up the trees and stuff...I never knew that I could NOT like something that much. Once I was strapped on, I quickly realised that this was something I REALLY didn't want to do. It just felt like something completely not like me, which is when I decided to quickly get rid of the equipment and join the non-climbing students. Phew, never again! I enjoy reading and writing and singing, NOT extreme sports. Seriously. Urgh. NO. The students who did do the different trails up in the trees did seem to have fun, as well as Tuomas (one of the teachers travelling with us) and Julcsi, so I guess it was worth it. I'd have preferred the spa, though...

The compulsory "we hate adventure parks" picture, heh.

Students up the trees!

The place was by the sea, though, which was nice.

After the adventure park, we went back to the hotel and then for a walk around the town to see some places more closely.

We'd agreed to go and have a barbeque on the beach in the evening. We had all the barbeque things in the bus and only the driver had the key...and the driver had gone out to party :D. Hehe...I called him a couple of times and at first he said that he was somewhere close and was coming, and about an hour later I called him again and he told me he was lost :D. Eventually he appeared, though, and we got the food from the bus. The barbeque evening was so much fun! The students put the grills together and I was pretty impressed as I'm way too impractical to be able to do anything like that! We then had a fun night of eating all sorts of things together and just laughing and having a good time.

Day 3

We drove back to Tallinn, where we had a breakfast scheduled at a hotel close to the harbour. We ate SO MUCH during this trip anyway as we had everything prepaid. This breakfast, though, was sort of completely pointless as we had to wait for our turn (as we'd been booked for a specific time) even if it was a buffet type thing and there weren't that many people there at all. Also, one of the students wasn't feeling well and so Tuomas went to a shopping mall with the rest of the class while Julcsi and I took care of the poorly student and made sure she was okay. When she felt better, we went to the Old Town of Tallinn to have a look around, which was nice. Julcsi gave the student a guided tour of some places and it was nice. Eventually we met up with the rest of the class in the harbour and caught our ferry back to Helsinki. It was a nice trip, could've been longer, though!

Next up, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore...


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