Brighton, England + London, 19.-26.5.2013, Days 7-8

Day 7

We somehow managed to drag ourselves to London. Tia was feeling really bad in the morning and was actually considering staying in Brighton, but in the end she was too freaked out by Bryan and just didn't want to stay at his place on her own. So, at the railway station, we informed the students about the situation and told them that they'd pretty much have to come up with stuff to do for themselves in London as we weren't feeling well enough to guide townwalks or anything else.

We had tickets to Madame Tussauds so after arriving in London, we headed to Baker Street. The place was packed and it wasn't a particularly enjoyable experience. Tia and I felt so bad that we practially just ran through the exhibitions of wax models and waited for the students outside.

Afterwards, we went to Piccadilly Circus and agreed on a meeting point there later on. Then we took a bunch of kids to Big Ben, left them there and went our separate ways. I went to see Julcsi's cousin Edina to bring her some stuff from Finland and Tia went to check out some sports clothing. After meeting Edina, I ended up sitting on some stairs and just feeling really bad. Eventually, Tia and I decided to meet up again and go to Pizza Hut, but we didn't really manage to eat anything and I spent maybe something like 30 minutes puking in the toilet. It was horrible! In the afternoon, we managed to gather the whole group together again and catch our train back to Brighton. We pretty much went straight to bed after arriving at Bryan's. Oh, and one more thing about Bryan. He had told us that he wouldn't go into our room during our stay. As we were feeling really bad, we decided to leave our lunch for the day in our room. When we returned, Bryan informed us that he had found our lunch packs in the room and seemed to be pissed off about us not eating what he'd prepared for us. So much for trusting him to leave our room alone...

Day 8

We were so relieved to be going home! We got up in the morning and just stayed in the room pretty much until it was time to go at around noon or so. We just didn't want to talk to Bryan anymore...Eventually we had to come out, though, and Bryan took us to his backyard to show us what he had there. He'd built some sort of tiny cottage type something there and it was really nice, just not with him. Eventually, he took us to our meeting point where the kids group by group arrived as well. The creepiest thing he said to us before our bus left was "I didn't try to poison you." YEAH RIGHT. It was SO good to go home!! At the airport, Tia and I bought sweets for all the students so they had something to snack on on the plane. Our bus back to Hämeenlinna was waiting for us at the airport once we'd landed, and we arrived at the school in the middle of the night. Tia and I then went to Julcsi's for the night, and the following morning, Julcsi and I would already be going on another class excursion with another class :D.

Hiding in our room...


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