Brighton, England + London, 19.-26.5.2013, Days 5-6

Day 5

Thursday was a truly defining day for our trip. The kids just wouldn't behave at all, too many of them were really late for school, didn't pay attention during the lessons and we could see that Lovely didn't think things were that lovely anymore. So, after the school day, we gathered the kids together and basically what happened was that I had a 30-minute session where I, ermh, expressed my opinions on their behaviour. Let's say that I wasn't very nice during those 30 minutes. The end result of this session, though, was pretty much priceless. We all agreed to take the bus to the supposedly nearby village of Shoreham. We conquered the top floor of the double-decker there and ended up having the best time ever! Seriously, that bus ride was the best thing that could have happened to us as a group! We had so much fun, we shared secrets and laughed at stuff. When we eventually got to Shoreham, it was raining and we decided to go to Subway to eat. Afterwards, we decided not to do anything at all in Shoreham and instead, took the bus back and continued our fun talks. Once the kids had got off the bus and gone their separate ways, Tia and I continued with two of our girls to see where they lived and ended up in a really beautiful place with more gorgeous views.

The kids invited us to join them on the beach that evening, so we went there and it was fun fun fun! We really bonded with them and had a really great time! We took "I'm the king of the world, wooohoooo" pictures in the style of Titanic, and Julius from my class was being a true gentleman, helping me climb a tiny rock...awwww, it was really cute! Then we walked to a McDonald's together and ate there before going back home.

From Bryan's street.

Beautiful views over the ocean!

The Pier, aaaaaah!

Some of us :)!

"I'm flying!!!"
Day 6

On Friday, the kids had their last school day and we all went to have a full English breakfast, Lovely included. In the evening, we went bowling together, which was a lot of fun! Could've done that for much longer! Too bad we only had money for a one-hour session. Anyway, I'm still sort of glad we only had that one hour for bowling as Friday was the day when things REALLY started going wrong for Tia and I healthwise. I already started puking at the bowling place and thought I had a stomach bug. However, that night, Tia felt possibly even worse than I did as she actually passed out in the bathroom, crawled back into our bedroom and was really sick and freaked out. We then created all sorts of horror scenarios of Bryan having poisoned us for not spending time with him anymore after he'd come out as a specific kind of driver. We had had dinner with Bryan before going bowling and we both thought it might have been that specific dinner that got us feeling really poorly - either that or the breakfast. None of the kids got sick, though, even though they had the same breakfast as us and even though we were touching the same bowling balls at the bowling alley, which supports the theory of Bryan having poisoned us even further. Who knows what happened but this went on for TWO WEEKS for us both, so it can't be normal. Anyway, we weren't happy at the thought of having to spend the following day in London as that's what we had coming first thing in the morning.

This is how we all started the morning...but once again, since the kids didn't get sick, I'm suspecting this wasn't the cause for Tia and I not feeling well.



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