Brighton, England + London, 19.-26.5.2013, Days 3-4

Day 3

On our third day, we had to catch the bus to the school. Obviously, we managed to miss our stop and ended up having to walk a long way to the school and being late by 15 minutes. Some of the kids were late, too, but I guess it's significantly worse if the teachers are late as well, even if we were only supervising the students. Anyway, Tia and I ended up eating our lunch during the kids' lessons and after the school day, we went to the Royal Pavilion with the whole class. I thought it was really cool and me and a few students ended up really taking our time with the audio guide. When we eventually got out, it turned out everyone else had finished the tour 45 minutes before us and that they had spent that time spitting outside the Pavilion. Great. We then all went to a coffee shop together, but the kids weren't really into spending a long time there so we ended up releasing them and going shopping before going home for fish and chips. I also managed to lose the password for the wifi and couldn't do anything with the tablet that night, boohoo. But! Bryan confessed to us that he was a driver for high class escorts...that means hookers, right? Tia and I really freaked out and were pretty much disgusted by the thought of having sat in Bryan's car and people thinking he was just doing his usual thing....ewwww. We seriously started avoiding Bryan as we were suddenly scared of him a bit.

Day 4

Day 4 consisted of school, some free time, some shops, booking a bowling session for the class for Friday from the Marina and spending some time on the Pier with the class. Once again, we were late for our get together on the Pier as Tia and I didn't know where to get off the bus on our way back from the Marina, heh. At least we got to see some pretty places during our walk...I seriously think Brighton is really gorgeous! If only it wasn't so bloody cold....:D

Late by 20 minutes...whoooops!

I could look more teachery with glasses like this...and significantly older, heh :D. The glasses belong to one of the students who couldn't take them with him on the rides :D.

The cows behind Bryan's backyard :D.


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