Honolulu, Hawaii 16.6.-26.6.2011, Days 4, 5 and 6

The day after my birthday, we decided it was time to see the biggest shopping mall in Honolulu, also known as Ala Moana Center. Nothing much to report - I got myself season 1 of one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Picket Fences, and Tiina did some shopping at Victoria's Secret. We ended the day with a nice Panda Express meal - orange chicken, yum! So good!

On Tuesday, we figured we could really use a day of doing nothing in particular so we went back to Waikiki and had a beach day. We also swam in the pool and had more sushi. Heavenly!

On Wednesday, though, it was time to get going again. This time we were off to Polynesian Cultural Center. It's a bit further away from Honolulu so it takes 1,5 hours to get there by bus. From Waikiki, you'll catch bus number 55. The good thing is that the road goes along the coastline so the views are really pretty almost all the time.The bad thing is that it's a long and winding road, meaning it's easy to get carsick.

Polynesian Cultural Center is a theme park type place where you can visit different outdoors villages of various Polynesian countries and cultures, including Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and the Marquesas Islands. In every village, you have people dressed up in traditional outfits of that particular culture and telling or teaching you something about their country, for example dancing, cooking or how to make fire.

The entrance.

First, we took a boat ride to the other side of the place.

The Hawaiian village.

Where we were :).

The first known picture of a surfer with his board.

Hula dancing in the Hawaiian village.

How to make Tahitian coconut bread.

Samoan food.

This Samoan man was crazy :D! He showed us how to make fire, among many other things.

...and how to get coconut milk.

On our way back, we stopped by at Ala Moana Center to get some more of that delicious Orange Chicken :).


  1. Amazing place this Polynesian Cultural Center! I like it how they show different cultures, that's nice.
    Btw, is Hawaii expensive? Probably it is more expensive than the rest of US?

    1. It's a bit more expensive than the mainland but other than that it's not too bad. None of the entrance fees were that bad, for examples, and neither were the buses...Cheaper than Finland anyway :).

  2. Love love love Victoria's Secret..... What did you buy ? Xx

    1. I actually didn't buy anything since I don't like Victoria's Secret :D. Tiina does but it gives me an identity crisis as I think the underwear there is porn, heh. I seriously had a problem with being there and with Tiina buying their stuff because I considered it a porno clothes shop :D. xxx


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