Honolulu, Hawaii 16.6.-26.6.2011, Days 2 and 3

We'd planned to do the Diamond Head hike on our second day in Hawaii but it turned out Waikiki Beach was more tempting, so we bought beach mats, fruit and drinks and just spent the day relaxing and swimming. I loved it! The water in the Pacific Ocean was sooooo warm! Once we went back to our hotel, we also swam in the swimming pool there. Later on, we went out for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening chilling out on the balcony.

On Saturday, we finally decided to catch the bus somewhere and thought Hanauma Bay would be the perfect place to start. Everybody had told us before our trip that it's essential to rent a car in Oahu to be able to move around practically. Well, I'll tell you that's not at all necessary! The bus system, conveniently called The Bus, is really easy and will take you absolutely anywhere on the island. A one-way ticket costs $2.50, which is really cheap considering you can go around the island for that if you so wish. To Hanauma Bay, you catch bus number 22, and if you're on Kuhio, you'll catch the bus from McDonald's's side of the road, which wasn't clear to us and many other people to begin with :D. Also, the buses are small and many people will get on board, so I suggest you're among the first ones to get on the bus.

Hanauma Bay was gorgeous! It's this horseshoe-shaped nature park and protected marine life conservation area where you can snorkle among colourful fishes, coral and sea turtles if you're lucky, which we weren't. It costs $7.50 to get in and before you're allowed to go to the beach, you'll have to watch a film that'll tell you that it's important to remember you can't touch the coral etc.

I don't particularly like this picture of myself but it's the only one I'm willing to publish, heh.

Koko Head.

I'm somewhere there, snorkelling :D!

The weather stayed gorgeous pretty much till we were about to leave anyway, which is when it poured rain for a while. It was such a perfect day, though! I loved Hanauma Bay, and snorkelling in the shallow water is totally my thing! I've always loved being in the water so I'm not surprised I had such a good time.

In the evening, we got some takeaway sushi and beer and had another chill-out evening on our balcony. At this point, there was a noisy bunch of Texan guys staying in the apartment below us and one of them sounded EXACTLY like Homer Simpson, heh. It was very entertaining to listen to them talk. They were also smoking pot and went a bit wild at one point because a few days later, Homer had lost his wallet. Whooops.

Sunburnt but happy :)!


One of my favourite pictures of the holiday :D!


  1. You look pretty on those pictures!!! And the views are just OMG!!! :D I want to go there!!!

  2. Wow those beaches look totally GORGEOUS.... I want to go to Hawaii.... Was the weather good all the time when you went? Xx


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