Honolulu, Hawaii 16.6.-26.6.2011, Day 1

On Thursday morning, we left for the airport for our Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu. At the airport already in San Francisco, we were surprised to see the people working for the airline were ancient! I mean, they seriously must have been well over 70 years old! Guess it's not that easy to retire everywhere, huh! Anyway, I was completely freaking out about the flight, as usual, and this time it was even worse because we'd be flying over water for 5 hours. For someone who's afraid of the plane crashing, that's just about the most horrible sort of flight. I have to say, though, that I just found this on fear of flying over water so I guess there is a chance you'll survive...though not many people survive plane crashes in general...Okay, a very bad topic, so moving on...

The flight went well, though when the plane started landing, I freaked out because I couldn't see any land yet. Urgh. Horrible. But, the crew were wearing Hawaiian clothes, and they were showing a film that takes place in Hawaii so the atmosphere on board the plane was all nice :).

Our plane.
In Hawaii, you're supposed to call everywhere. Our hotel had given us the instructions to call them when we had landed, and later on during the trip, there were many occasions on which we were told to call someone, whether it was about breakfast or our Lost tour or anything. Tiina dealt with all of that because calling people and places gives me anxiety. Yup, I'm a very complex person, heh. Though I have to say Tiina doesn't particularly enjoy calling places, either.

From the airport into Honolulu, you catch a bus called Roberts Hawaii, which costs $9 one-way and $16 return. You have to pay in cash. It doesn't take too long to get to Waikiki, or wherever it is that you're going, from the airport, and soon enough we were at our hotel, White Sands. We had a double room, which wasn't too expensive at all. Most people that arrived in Honolulu on the same bus with us were dropped off at Hilton or some other similar place like that, and sure, it'd be nice if I could afford to stay at expensive hotels, but the fact of the matter is that our hotel had a better location much closer to the beach and everything else as well including the shops and the restaurants, plus for me, what matters is that I'm able to travel at all. So, no hard feelings for those who're better off and stay at more luxurious places of accommodation.

We didn't do much on our first day. We were super hungry and so just ended up having a McDonald's meal after we'd paid for our stay and rested in our room for a bit. What was nice about the McDonald's meal was that you got fresh pineapple with it because Dole Pineapple Plantation is in Oahu . Yum!

Everything's a tad more expensive in Hawaii because they have to pay to import everything there from the mainland. It's not that expensive, though, so no worries :)!

After our meal, we just walked around a bit, went to see Waikiki Beach and also saw Diamond Head in the distance. It was instantly obvious that Honolulu is a very relaxed place. You're supposed to take things as they come and slow your pace, which is something that's difficult for me but I did give it a try. Perhaps a good example of just how bad I am at that is that even on our first day in Hawaii, I started worrying about having to leave in ten days, heh.

Some of the stuff we always had in our room :).

The view from our balcony, where we spent A LOT of time during this trip.


Kuhio Avenue.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue on Kalakaua Avenue. This is the father of modern surfing :). How cool is it that somewhere, a surfer can be considered important enough for a statue!!

White pigeons THAT I WASN'T AFRAID OF!! I even stood among them to test it! (I have a pigeon phobia, but apparently it only applies to the grey kind.)

Waikiki Beach.

Tiina on Waikiki Beach.

In the evening, we went to California Pizza Kitchen again. I still prefer it over the Cheesecake Factory, say what you will :).

Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.
The rest of the night was spent sitting on our balcony, listening to music, chatting and having a few beers. Ah, this is the life!


  1. Kirjoitin pitkän kommentin englanniksi ja sitten se hävisi enkä jaksa enää taiteilla sanomaani vieraalla kielellä.

    Anyway. Halusin vaan sanoa että sinun Havaji-kuvat saa minut aina haluamaan sinne NIIN pahasti, vaikka ennen en ole unelmoinut sinne matkustamisesta tai ainakaan Havaji ei ole ollut listan kärkisijoilla. Nyt se on noin top viidessä ainakin! Sun pitäisi postata yksi Havaji-kuva per päivä vuoden ajan niin inspiroituisin todella säästämään rahaa Havajin lomaa varten. ;)

    Lento-onnettomuus + Havaiji = jotenkin mulle tulee mieleen Lost. :D Mikä ei varmaan yhtään auta lentopelkoon, mutta tulipahan mieleen. :P

  2. I always feel very uncomfortable flying over water too! Still, Hawaii looks like such a nice place, so it would be worth it, I think. :D I've never really thought about going to Hawaii, but after seeing your pictures I want to go :D

  3. Hawaii on IHANA! Sun on pakko mennä sinne! Mä oon nyt nähnyt ton Oahun, joten seuraavaks voisin ajatella meneväni esim. Mauille :).

    Hei, miten mulle ei ees tullut mieleen toi Lost tossa lentopelkoyhteydessä :D! Ihan uskomatonta! Mistä tulikin mieleeni, että sunkin on pakko sitten joskus Hawaiilla mennä sellaselle Lost tourille :)!

  4. Maaike, Hawaii is definitely worth seeing! I'd love to go back, but this time to a different island like Maui :).

  5. Lost-tour on varmaan yksi ensimmäisistä nähtävyyksistä jonne suuntaisin Havajilla lomaillessani! :D

  6. I am the same... I hate making phone calls... I usually save them and do them all at once....
    You are loving your Starbucks hee hee xx


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