London, England 24.-29.2. 2012, Days 4-5

Tuesday was our last day in London before leaving for Stansted for the night for our early flight home the following morning. We left our bags at the hostel for £1/bag and went to Hyde Park for yet another breakfast picnic with crap mags. Nice! It was pretty chilly but it was nevertheless fun to sit outside and do some people-watching. I love it that there are always so many dogs in Hyde Park and that they can behave themselves and can thus run around without a leash and play with their friends. I always wish I had a dog when I go to Hyde Park!

Then we went to Notting Hill for my favourite second-hand bookshop, Book & Comic Exchange, where I went straight down to the bargain basement where all the books are just 50p. I got myself a Dan Brown book (Angels & Demons) as I've never read anything by him, and one of Jordan's crappy autobiographies for Tiina - certainly not because she's a fan but because Jordan's been a joke between us for quite a while now.

Our next stop was Camden, once again, and we had this incredibly delicious hot chocolate each at The Elephant's Head:

Then we went to Sainsbury's to buy chocolate and tea to bring back to Finland and headed to the canal for yet another portion of yummy noodles before returning to the hostel for our bags and leaving for the airport.

Our airport bus was ridiculously late so it's a good thing we weren't in a hurry! When we finally got to Stansted, I had to face one of my worst nightmares and call our accommodation, Stansted Airport Lodge, for someone to come and pick us up. I hate talking on the phone, whether it's to a friend, for something work-related or taking care of stuff like this, and having to speak a foreign language on the phone is even worse, even if I'm a language teacher. It's horrible! But I did it! I first called the wrong place as there is a Stansted Lodge AND a Stansted Airport Lodge. The second number was right, though, and we got a ride to our hotel. And what a nice hotel it was, especially after Piccadilly Backpackers! So nice, in fact, that it got Tia into doing this:

The following morning, there was supposed to be a taxi picking us up at 4:30 am. Except that the taxi never came. So, I had to make one more phonecall, to the owner of the place, Marek, for him to get us another ride. Luckily that one did come and get us, and we got to the airport in time.

Waiting for our ride at 4:30 am...

It was a really nice trip and I could've stayed longer, or flown to yet another destination before returning home. Aaaaaand, my next trip is New York in three months, unless something unexpected turns up before that.


  1. That's my favourite second hand bookshop too! Cool!

    1. It's great, and I love love love the bargain basement!

  2. Hahahaha I remember the Jordan joke :)))
    Looks like you had an amazing time :)))

    1. Heh, yes. Now Tiina has the pleasure to read her autobiography, heh....
      We did, it was a particularly successful trip :)!

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