London, England 24.-29.2. 2012, Day 2

We started our second day in London by getting up quite early and walking all the way to Primark, just to find out it wouldn't open till much later that day. Damn Sundays! So, instead, we went to the nearby Sainsbury's to get all sorts of yummy stuff to eat and then walked to Hyde Park for a lovely morning picnic there.

What we had, plus the compulsory crappy magazine!

As you can see, absolutely no snow - just green green green and sunshine <3!

After Hyde Park, we decided to buy ourselves underground tickets for the day (may I just say it's a rip-off these days!! £7 for a one-day ticket for zones 1 and 2!!) and then headed back to Leicester Square to check if we could go and see another musical later on. No such luck - they had nothing interesting on offer as there are fewer shows on Sundays. So, we took the tube to Baker Street instead to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum there.

There were loads and loads of Liverpool fans all over the place when we got to Baker Street, and after a while we found out that there would be a Liverpool-Cardiff match at Wembley later on. The fans were absolutely mental! They were singing songs, shouting, and when we rode the tube away from Baker Street, they were banging the walls and jumping so much so that the whole carriage was shaking! I'll stay true to my British friends and say the fans were horrible BUT they did get me interested in going to a match some time! My team has been picked out for me ages ago by my NUFC fan friend Leanne so when I eventually do go to a game, it will have to be in Newcastle and with her :).

Crazy Liverpool fans at The Globe.

After staring at the fans for a while, we eventually found our way to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, got our £6 tickets and were let in by the lovely guy at the door. I'm not that big on museums and I have to say this one didn't interest me that much, either, but it was okay, and probably more than okay for those who do enjoy going to places like this. Basically, the museum is situated where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson live in the books, and you get to go to several floors and see stuff related to them and the books.

The Baker Street tube station is pretty cool with little Sherlock pictures everywhere :)!

From the museum, we accidentally took the wrong tube and ended up riding one stop with the Liverpool fans jumping in the carriage singing "I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough!!!", before getting off and catching another train, this time the right one, to Camden. Camden is a place where I've spent a lot of time over the years - I don't see it as a place for a person like me anymore, and maybe it attracts younger people than me anyway, but it's still always fun to go back, if only for the delicious £4 noodles by the canal! 

We also had a quick drink at a pub called  The Elephant's Head in Camden before going back to our room for a good night's sleep :).


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