London, England 24.-29.2. 2012, Day 3

Yet another productive day! In the morning, we were off to try and get musical tickets again and ended up choosing Mamma Mia! for £35. Yay! Seriously, from now on when I go to London, I'm going to see a musical every day! After scoring the tickets, we went to Burger King for breakfast and then back to Piccadilly Circus for some shopping. I went to HMV for some books and DVDs (and sang along to Whitney Houston's Saving All My Love For You that was playing in the store) while Tia went to her heaven, Lillywhites, for sports gear. We met an hour or so later in our room, compared our finds, and then left for Primark. In case you're interested in what I bought...

Piccadilly Circus.

The Cupid statue.

We decided to catch the bus to Marble Arch, which was a good idea as Primark will truly exhaust you anyway and you'll want to save what little energy you have before venturing in there. Once again, the store was packed with people, it was so hot inside and you just get all annoyed very soon if you're as into clothes shopping as I am. I didn't even like the clothes there this time as everything was too Adele-like and that's just not what I personally want to wear. I ended up getting some T-shirts, undies and bras, plus a bunch of clothes for my sister's almost 2-year-old twins. They're the reason I'm willing to spend all that time at Primark, really. I think it took us close to two hours to be done with our shopping, after which we dragged our tired asses to the other end of Oxford Street for Pizza Hut. Well worth it, though - for £8 you got as much salad as you wanted, a delicious pizza, a drink and free re-fills, and ice cream.

And then it was time to go and freshen up at the hostel before going to the Prince of Wales Theatre on Coventry Street. 

We had seats in the dress circle, meaning the upper section of the theatre, and I have to say it really is quite steep. I wouldn't recommend sitting there to very old people as getting up and down the stairs has to be tremendously difficult. I loved our seats and the theatre in general, though, and we had a really good view over the whole stage from where we were sitting. Now, I've never been a huge fan of ABBA but I'd seen the film version of Mamma Mia! and loved it and had high expectations. The setting was nowhere near as detailed and incredible as Phantom's but this show had something else amazing, namely an actress by the name of Joanna Monro, who played the role of Rosie. She was so much fun, I was in tears of laughter because of her the whole time! A true comedienne! If you ever go to see the London production of Mamma Mia! and she's still with the show, I guarantee you'll definitely notice her! A crazy, crazy woman in a brilliant way :)! I loved Mamma Mia! Very different from the Phantom, but variety is a good thing, and with this one, what I loved the most was that you were able to sing along to all the songs. At least that's what Tia and I did, and we both had an amazing, amazing time :). The Winner Takes It All even managed to trigger some hidden feelings related to past experiences in me and I just couldn't stop crying. I was so thankful it wasn't the last song of the show and I didn't have to leave the theatre with a tear-streaked face! If you're looking for familiar songs, fun and laughter and lots of dancing, you'll do well in picking Mamma Mia!

After the show, we decided to go to Soho and try and find a nice pub to go to for a bit. We ended up with flyers to G.A.Y. and decided to go there as there would be no entrance fee. Good choice! Gay clubs are THE best places if you're looking for some fun times and are into the kind of music that I love the most, namely Madonna, Kylie, Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and the like. All the draught drinks were just £1,70, too, which was a plus even though I only had a couple of ciders. We ended up dancing with a cute gay couple who were sitting next to us and I had a great time! They played Born This Way by Lady Gaga, Womanizer by Britney, Rude Boy by Rihanna and lots more. Loved it loved it loved it! They closed the place as early as 00:20, which was disappointing, but a good idea at the same time as we were checking out the following morning and needed all the sleep we could get. So, back to the hostel it was to get the 6 hours of sleep that we still had ahead of us at that point.


  1. Very cheap drinks indeed! Nex time, you could go to a Primard outside the center, it is definitely less crazy and less of a hassle!

    1. That's a good idea! The one on Oxford Street is a mess!

  2. Gave me some great memories there. I am a new blogger and I like how your pictures were able to impact of specific memories of my time in London. I do hope to visit soon again. Thanks

    1. Awwww, I loved hearing that :)! Thank you for reading!
      Emilia xxx


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