Copenhagen, Denmark, 30.6.-3.7.2012, Days 2-3

I'm off to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna in two days, which means that I'm hopelessly behind with this blog - I still haven't finished writing about Copenhagen, and I haven't even started updating about Gothenburg, Brussels and Paris! I'll try and get Copenhagen and Gothenburg out of the way before I'm off to Hungary, so here goes...

On my second day in Copenhagen, I had the hostel buffet breakfast for 65 DKK and spent some time online before I met up with Tizz again around noon.

Tizz and I had decided to find Madonna on my second day in Copenhagen as she was the reason I was there in the first place. We wandered towards Nyhavn as I knew Madonna had stayed around there before, at a 5-star hotel called Hotel D'Angleterre. However, it turned out, the hotel was closed for renovations, and later on I found out that Madonna didn't actually spend any nights in Copenhagen, she just came there for the show. So, Tizz and I decided to go on a little boat trip instead and it was really nice, and cheap, too - just 40 DKK.

Our next destination was Tivoli so we walked there through Strøget.

Tivoli is such a lovely place on a lovely summer's day, though both Tizz and I agreed that the rides were too scary for us :D! Why do they all have to be so high up? We tried to find one ride that we could take but there just wasn't anything we were willing to pay for. The only ride in Tivoli that I've ever been on is the traditional rollercoaster. This was maybe seven years ago, and I did some serious puking (for 30 minutes, no less) afterwards, so I wasn't willing to give it another go. I can't go on anything that goes round and round and round, either (that would mean more puking), and I'm too scared to be insanely high up in the air, so we were happy to just walk around, look at things and eat :D.

The entrance to Tivoli.

A mummy peacock with her baby.

Had lunch at Joe & The Juice.

My avocado bread and Tivoli water!

See, that thing right there is NOT normal!

Tizz and I :).

Tizz in Tivoli!
When we'd had enough, we walked closer to my hostel and first had tea and hot chocolate at one place, and then went to an amazing veggie buffet place called Riz Raz

My After Eight Hot Chocolate, soooo good!

Tizz with her tea.

What I had at Riz Raz.
It was so much fun to spend time with Tizz again, I'm telling you, and on so many days, like proper real-life friends! It was great to be able to say "See you tomorrow!" when parting after a fun day together! And that we indeed did after Tizz had shown me where to catch my bus to Madonna the following day, as Tizz promised to come and say hello to me and my friend Carola when we'd be in the queue for the show. 

And my Copenhagen updates will come to an end now as my third day in Denmark was all about Madonna - you can read more about it over here. On July 3rd, I caught a train to Gothenburg after spending some time talking to some amazing Danish women at the railway station about the Madonna show. Aaaaaaaah! I was on such a high after the show and so were the women - one of them had actually seen Blond Ambition live as well, in 1990! AMAZING! Travelling alone was so much fun as everyone just started talking to me and I felt very independent, confident and SO FREE! 

But, more later, when I get to my Gothenburg stories.


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