Brussels, Belgium, 10.-17.7.2012, Part II

We slept in the morning after the Madonna show, which was heavenly! The plan for the day was to meet up with my penpal Hélène from Paris, who happened to be in Brussels for the weekend. After having a pizza buffet lunch at Pizza Hut, we then met up with Hélène, who was so much fun! We decided to try and find the Magritte museum but couldn't find it till it was too late to go in, so instead, we sat in a park and did a lot of chatting. When it started raining again, we went to Dandoy for some delicious Belgian waffles and Hélène gave us some tips for Paris. After that, it was time for Hélène to meet up with her friend that she was staying with over the weekend, and we went back to the hotel for a bit as well. It's so nice to meet up with my penpals and online friends, they're all fabulous people!

Around our hotel.

A beautiful cathedral.

Palais d'Egmont.

Palais Royal.

Interesting art :).

Me and Hélène!

Waffles at Dandoy!

Biscuits at Dandoy.

Later on, Tiina and I went out again, did some tourist shopping, had another Leffe, tried the fries (which I ordered in French!) and went to the gay part of town to try Kwak beer (it was really bad, but the experience was interesting as it comes in a specially shaped glass). A fun day, all in all!

Grand Place and a lovely night.


Then we were off to our room as the following morning, we'd be catching a Thalys train to Paris!


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