New York, USA, 17.-27.6.2012, Day 8.

Our 8th day in New York happened to be the day of the Pride parade so of course we had to go and see it. It went down 5th Avenue, which was right around the corner from our hotel, so we just basically had to get out of bed and go out on the street to experience it. What a parade! I'd only ever seen one Pride parade before, in Helsinki, and that was NOTHING compared to this one! It took several hours for the parade to pass by in its entirety, there were so many people both in the parade and watching it, and important people took part in it, like the Mayer of New York City. Pretty amazing! The atmosphere was incredible, full of love and acceptance. This is how it should be!

On to the pictures, and I have a video of it, too...

Cyndi Lauper.

Cyndi Lauper again.

I absolutely loved the parade and how happy everyone taking part in it was! Just brilliant! Yet another occasion where I wished I was a New Yorker...

When we'd had enough of the parade, we had a late breakfast/early lunch and then took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge that we were planning on walking that day. It was yet another incredibly hot day, and probably not the best day for first standing outside watching a parade for a couple of hours and then walking a nearly two-kilometre bridge, but that's what we did anyway. The bridge was being renovated so the views weren't that amazing all the time, but now I can finally say that I've indeed walked the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and that's the main thing :D!

Quite a narrow space to walk in due to the renovations.

My mum on the bridge :).

The Empire State Building on the left and the Chrysler Building on the right.

A mango thing on the bridge.


We were absolutely knackered after being in the sun for so long, but still decided to go to Staten Island before heading back to the hotel. And what a good idea it was as we got to witness a prostitute finding a client on the ferry...

Us completely exhausted on the ferry.

Staten Island, where we had a snack before heading back.


The ferry terminal.

The Statue of Liberty.

Pride boats in front of Ellis Island.

The prostitute with her client...pretty disgusting, I can't believe that some people use prostitutes' services...

By this point, we were getting way too exhausted as we'd been doing something every single day, all day, ever since we'd arrived in New York. So, we decided to call it a day and just relax in our room for the rest of the evening.


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