New York, USA, 17.-27.6.2012, Day 10.

This was our last day in New York and we mostly spent it wandering around in Central Park. I was completely exhausted by now and would honestly just have preferred to read a book somewhere, but we ended up walking the whole day, heh. What a surprise, I guess I'm officially incapable of spending a relaxing holiday :D!

Before heading to the park, we had some breakfast...yum!

We also walked past the Empire State Building one more time on our way to the park.
Aaaand on to the pictures from the park! It seemed to be a busy day with lots and lots of people, both tourists and locals, enjoying the sunshine and the relaxing atmosphere of the place. I have to say my map-reading skills turned out to be non-existent, though...I was completely lost all the time! Central Park is HUGE and I honestly had no idea where we were most of the time. I thought we were walking on the east side when suddenly someone informed me we were actually on the west side, and facing south, too, when I'd thought we were walking towards the Reservoir. Oh my. Never let me read the map, anywhere, please! And do NOT assign me the task of taking a group of pupils to the forest on my own (almost happened last autumn). Bad, BAD idea!

The Pond.

The Mall.

The Bethesda Fountain.

Angel of Waters.

The Lake.

The Loeb Boathouse.

The Shakespeare Garden.

Belvedere Castle.

The Obelisk.

The Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy Reservoir.
It was a long walk to get here, and we had to walk back, too, aaaaargh! Somehow, we did it, though, and ended up checking out Madonna's Upper East Side home, too, while we were in that direction anyway.

We walked past the Met.

Madonna's home. To be honest, I felt a bit stalkerish, standing outside her house. I was happy about knowing she wasn't at home but in Europe, touring.

And that's pretty much all, folks. We walked a bit more along Park Avenue before taking the subway back to our hoods, had something to eat and went back to our room. My mum and Satu still went out but I was done and decided to spend the night listening to music, reading and writing in our room. I did all my packing and then took it easy with a couple of donuts from Dunkin' Donuts. Heaven!

Thank you, New York, for yet another amazing trip! I will be back, for sure :D! The following morning, we took a limo (no kidding, that's what the hotel ordered us - my mum got her ride on a black Lincoln :D!) to the airport and jetted off to Helsinki. It was nice to come back home, too, especially since I knew I'd be off to Denmark in just two days. So, stay tuned for updates on my Euro trips of the summer!


  1. We walked so much in NY too I was shattered! We loved Central Park and never managed to find the same way in or out it's just so big so you are not alone! Looks like a great trip


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