UncommonGoods to Spark Up Your Wanderlust!

Have you heard of UncommonGoods? I hadn't up until a few weeks ago when I discovered their adorable, also travel-related products. Now I'm obsessed! I'm in love with the scratch maps, personalised travel milestone markers, and map pillows, among many other things. And not only are these products adorable, but they are also often handmade, using recycled materials. UncommonGoods is devoted to sustainability as well as treating all people with dignity and respect, and they work with several suppliers from artists to small manufacturers. How amazing is that? I love this company!

Scratch maps are so cool!

With Christmas coming up, UnCommonGoods is a lovely alternative to the stressful experience of running around in busy shopping malls. (Have I mentioned just how much I prefer online shopping?)

I don't know about you, but for me, it's important to give personal gifts to my nearest and dearest - it makes the experience that much more special for everyone. UncommonGoods makes this really easy - I mean, just  check out all these personalised items! In addition to the lovely travel milestone marker pictured above, you can find these, for example:

Custom Map Pendants.

Custom Map Shower Curtain.

There are also special collections for your loved ones. Among the  ideas for your wife, I finally found something I'd been looking for forever: the What I Love About You by Me book. I swear this is one of the best things you can give to your partner!
I also think these Chakra Bath Salts would be heavenly, and you can arrange them into the order of the rainbow flag, which is always a bonus. I know my wife would love these!
Finally, UncommonGoods also caters to  kids' needs. I'm an aunt to the most adorable, now 7-year-old twins, and I'm always trying to do my best to impose my wanderlust on them. I highly support giving books like this to children:
A personalised road trip experience for the kids!
I also think any child would love getting to colour in their pillowcase, and when you're colouring in a map, it's even better. Education through being naughty!

Are you as excited as I am yet?

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with UncommonGoods.com. All pictures from UncommonGoods.com used with permission.**


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