Singapore, 26.-30.6.2013

Day 1

We arrived in Singapore at something like 4 pm and found our hostel, Green Kiwi Backpackers okay. I thought it was an okay place while Tia felt like it was a complete prison cell. It had the usual bunk beds, the bathrooms were in the corridor etc., but they had a really nice breakfast that was included in the price :).

We didn't really do anything much on the first day but we did go and eat at the street food court right next to our hostel and let me tell you, the food was heavenly! I had very simple noodles and they're definitely among the best foods I've ever had! SO GOOD!


Day 2

We wanted to go to Little India as neither one of us had ever seen anything like that before. We were staying really close to the area anyway, so we just walked there from the hostel. We saw three different hindu temples, which was SO COOL! I don't even know the names of two of them but the one mentioned in the guidebooks is called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. It was the most touristy one out of the three since it's in the guidebooks, but the other two were mostly free of tourists - I think we were the only foreigners there! Women were wearing saris and flowers in their hair, it looked so beautiful...You had to wash your feet before entering barefoot. It was a really wonderful experience, I loved it.

This is for washing your feet.

We then caught the metro downtown as we also wanted to see Thian Hock Keng, which is a taoist temple. It wasn't anything special compared to the hindu temples...:)

It was insanely hot and we were thirsty all the time. We walked along the harbour and saw all the Marina Bay buildings and the Merlion. The smoke from the forest fires of Indonesia was everywhere and it was difficult to breathe, plus you saw everything through haze. At one point, we just had to go to a shopping mall as the heat got to us and we needed the air conditioning...We ended up having lunch and then going back out to go on the Singapore Flyer, which was $33 and thus really expensive. It was a 30-minute ride and with the haze, we didn't really get the proper experience.

Our next stop was Raffles Hotel, where we had a Singapore Sling each for the crazy rip-off price of 30,50 Singapore dollars. At least it was good and really fresh :D. I would NEVER pay that much for basically anything, but I don't think I'll be returning to Singapore so what the hell...Then we took the metro back to the hostel and had more noodles at the street food court.

A $4 heaven!

Bedtime with the worst book in the history of books!
Day 3

Tia's 30th birthday! We started the day with the lovely breakfast at the hostel, and then went to VivoCity for some shopping. We ate at a place called King Louis and had these weird chocolate concoctions for dessert at a chocolate coffee shop. When we returned to the hostel in the evening, it turned out Jari had planned a huge birthday surprise to Tia and the room was full of balloons! Tia also got a fruit basket, chocolate from Finland and a letter, and it was just really nice :).

A pool at the mall :D!

Day 4

On our last day, we went to Sentosa, which is this resort type island...we didn't find anything there that would've interested us so we left soon after arriving. We then went to yet another shopping mall to eat, just hung around, and in the evening went to the Night Safari, which we didn't really like, either. It was dark (well, obviously), you didn't really see anything much, it was expensive ($35) and I just didn't warm up to it at all.


Tia at least found some nice things to bring back home from the Night Safari.

The following day, we went to the airport for the day and eventually flew back home. All in all, it was a good trip, but the timing wasn't right as I finally had someone to miss, and miss her I did, and Australia is just too bloody far away, as my mug from there says. But, more countries of the world have now been conquered :)!


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