Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland, 12.-14.4.2013

Alright. So. Hi :). I haven't updated this blog for a bit over a year even though I have plenty of trips to write about: Stockholm, Rovaniemi, Brighton, Pärnu, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, London, Hungary, Tallinn...and I'm about to go to Hungary for a week again this coming Saturday. The reason why I've been so quiet is that I'm no longer single (I know, it's a miracle, and this miracle has led to me believing in destiny because things like this just don't happen in real life!) :D. I'M SO HAPPY!! So, the first two trips I'm going to write about are trips I went on with my partner.

We spent a day in Stockholm in April 2013. It was J's first time in Sweden, so we tried to do a little bit of something touristy, too. We ended up going to the Royal Palace and seeing the changing of the guard in freezing weather. Otherwise we just walked around downtown and in the Old Town, after which we headed to Skansen, which is an open-air museum with a zoo of Nordic animals. More in pictures...

The buffet on the ferry.

Our cabin.

The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan.

The Changing of the Guard.

Us - and probably the first picture of us :).


Stockholm <3.

Back on the ferry.

The following morning, we arrived back in Helsinki, where we spent the day being tourists, too. We started the day with coffee at Fazer, then went to see Helsinki Cathedral and Uspenski Cathedral before heading to Suomenlinna the fortress for some museum time. Suomenlinna is fantastic, especially during the summer, but it was a fun experience even in cold weather like this. We finished the day off with crazy huge 5€ pizza at Barbarossa on Yrjönkatu. Go there, highly recommended!

Soooo, this is it, our first trip together :).


  1. How lovely! You look so cute, the two of you! I'm very happy for you :) Very nice to read about your little trip too.

    1. Awww, thank you :)! Hoping to post more soon as I have so much to catch up on!

  2. So glad to see you blogging again! I love reading about your adventures. And you and your lovely lady look so cute together :)

    1. Oooh, thanks so much :)! Will try my best to get up to date as soon as possible, and comments like this definitely give me motivation!


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