Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna, 13.-20.10.2012, Part III

Time to continue my updates...I'm the worst blogger ever! I never have time or energy for any of my own hobbies, it's all just work work work these days...Thank God for breaks! I've been just a tiny bit exhausted as of late. Wonder why I hated being a university student - after all, it's all about freetime. Back then, though, I felt like I had too much freetime. Too much freetime?!? Is that even an existing concept?!

Anyway, on to our last full day in Budapest. It was yet another rainy day and we started it by going to Széchenyi Bath. How nice and relaxing! We spent two and a half hours in all the mineral pools and it felt soooo good. As for cleanliness, the spa wasn't the best in the world as it smelled really bad there and the floors were dirty, the walls and the ceilings cracked...I hadn't expected that, but it wasn't a shocking experience of anything like that :D. It was heavenly to do nothing for a while anyway! My favourite was the outdoors pool, and it was actually quite enjoyable to be there with rain falling on your head.

When we eventually got bored, we took a shower, got dressed and walked along the gorgeous Andrássy Avenue, trying to find a nice restaurant where we could eat. Eventually we did, and I had this yummy veggie sandwich.

We then continued on to House of Terror, which is basically a nazi museum and also a place that's dedicated to the victims of the nazi regime. It's a really well-put-together museum with lots of interesting exhibits and collages of different things and happenings. The bad thing is that mostly everything is in Hungarian. So, a place worth visiting, definitely, but you need a lot of patience (which I don't have) if you intend to read all the English A4 sheets provided in every room.

House of Terror.

House of Terror.
We were completely exhausted by this point so we decided to go to one of the railway stations to get our train tickets to Bratislava for the following day and then go back to the hostel. We walked to Nyugati Station and nearly couldn't find the place where they sold tickets. When we finally did, it turned out that the only station where you can catch trains to Bratislava is Keleti. I'd found contradicting information online so it's a good thing we found out now! Also, return tickets are much cheaper than single tickets so that's what we got for 17,50€. When we finally had our tickets, we went grocery shopping, got ourselves all kinds of treats and spent the rest of the evening in our room, eating, reading and listening to music.

The following morning we'd be off to Slovakia!


  1. You are a much better blogger than me hunnie... I have only just finished blogging about out NEw York/ Canada Road Trip from June / July...
    The mineral,pools sound lovely...
    I can imagine the nazi place was quite intense xx

    1. I guess it's just really difficult to find the time to update sometimes - and it's better late than never, right :)?

      The mineral pools were really great and the water was really hot so it was pretty relaxing to just be in the pools :).

      Yeah, it really was. The building had worked as the headquarters of the nazis or something, too, and there was a horrible place in the basement where they'd tortured and killed Jews...



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