Kaunas & Vilnius, Lithuania, 4.-6.5.2012, Day 2

On our second and final day, we had breakfast at the hotel, then checked out and went out to explore the city of Kaunas, which turned out to be a lovely place, too. The weather was all sunny and summery and I was extremely pleased! We wandered back to Laisvės Alėja and noticed it's filled with lovely cafés and restraurants during the daytime. How could we possibly resist? We had to go to one of the coffeeshops right away!

These were filled with banana pieces, yum!
Then we continued to walk towards the Old Town, every once in a while stopping to take pictures or sit on a park bench along the promenade.

Kaunas has many twin cities, among them Tampere, Växjö and Los Angeles!

The flag of Kaunas.

Tiina is trying to decide where to go next.

The Old Town - gorgeous!

Nuns! Always a sight for someone from a basically nunless country!

Kaunas City Hall.


Excuse me while I'm a teenager for a moment - KAUNO PILIS, heheheeeee...(this is aimed for the Finnish-speaking people with as underdeveloped a mind as mine...)

Kaunas Cathedral Basilica

On our way back, we stopped at a restaurant called Pizza Jazz, which was really great! The sun was shining and it was heavenly to sit outside...

...till along came Thunder and Lightning...and no, they're not the men sitting by that table :D. It started to pour rain and eventually we had to go inside, after having a laugh with practically everyone sitting outside :D.

We then had to brave the storm and run to the shopping centre Akropolis. Which seemed like a great place for shopping, only we weren't there to do that. But yes, it's a very modern and very big place, lots of good shops and restaurants, it seemed!

Our very cheap bus ticket to the airport. You can catch city bus #29 to and from the airport if you're arriving or leaving at a time when the buses are still running. Make sure to check what time your bus leaves as on a Sunday, there was one bus per hour.

A museum park to remember the victims of some war - which one, I forget. Quite possibly World War 2.

And that's it, my friends. What can I say - go to Lithuania! It's worth it! With Kaunas, make sure you go there when it's warm because as there's not that much to do there, at least you'll be able to enjoy the lovely atmosphere and the many outdoors cafés and restaurants the city has to offer.


  1. Thanks for posting these great pictures, Emilia! I've been to Vilnius a few times before and LOVE the place, but I've never had the chance to see Kaunas. It looks lovely as well! I have to go back to Lithuania some day... Great country!

  2. You're welcome! I had many people tell me before this trip that there's nothing in Kaunas, but they forgot to mention the atmosphere :)! So lovely, and sometimes it's actually nice to go to places with less stuff to do as a relaxing holiday can be fun as well :).

  3. Thank you for the nice posts and making me discover Lithuania!!!

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for reading :)!

  4. Heippa sinut on tagattu ;) http://astaldothoniels.blogspot.fi/2012/07/liebster-blog-award-is-given-to.html


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