Vancouver, Canada, 5.-10.6. 2011, Days 3 & 4

The next day, we decided to walk to Stanley Park, which is basically Vancouver's Central Park. It's a really beautiful area with views over the city, the water and the mountains.

We also wanted to go to Vancouver Aquarium, which is in Stanley Park, and it was probably my favourite thing about Vancouver apart from buying Shania's book. The best zoo ever! In addition to the dolphins, beluga whales, sea lions and otters, they had birds, and they had bird shows during which we had eagles, hawks, owls and vultures fly above us and the zoo workers tell us more about them. It was amazing! I also really fell in love with beluga whales - had never seen any before.

We ended up spending A LOT of time at the Aquarium because it was just such a great and educative place. When they were about to close, we decided to continue our walk through Stanley Park. So, we walked towards the Lions Gate Bridge, which is similar to and designed by the same person as the Golden Gate Bridge.

We also saw the Girl in a Wetsuit statue, dressed up in a Canucks outfit :).

We then walked on to a Totem Pole Park, where we sat down and had ice cream by the poles. The views of Vancouver were pretty nice as well.

Decided to join a yacht club....:D
On our last day in Vancouver, we didn't do anything much since we'd seen it all by then, we felt like. So, we went to Gastown again, did some shopping and sent some postcards back home. We were running out of Canadian money and decided to have an inexpensive lunch at a place called Romano's Pizza - veeery delicious!

All in all, I thought Vancouver was a nice town but much, much smaller than I expected it to be. So, if you want to go to Vancouver, I'd say yes, definitely worth it, but three days there would be quite enough. Also, I was truly surprised at how visible drugs were there. I'd never been to a city with that many addicts in sight before, and that left me feeling a bit weird. Maybe it's because I'm used to only seeing regular drunks in Finland, I don't know, but all the addicts in the streets really bothered me. It's horrible that some people end up like that, and it's a bit scary too, for someone who's not used to seeing stuff like that. I have no idea if people like that can be dangerous but I did feel a bit unsafe at times.

Anyway, the following morning we were off to Seattle, so more about that in my next update!


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