Vancouver, Canada, 5.-10.6. 2011, Day 2

I'm on my Autumn Break now and actually have time to update this thing. Luckily (?) I haven't done any travelling since my summer trip so I'm not horribly behind with my writing, in a way. Trying to see things in a positive light :D!

So, on our second day in Vancouver, we caught the free shuttle to Capilano Suspension Bridge.
It was my first time walking a suspension bridge and also my first time in a rain forest. 

Lots of totem poles in Vancouver.

I sort of really loved these as they somehow reminded me of one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Twin Peaks.

The suspension bridge was very long, very high up and very shaky.

I had hot chocolate in the rain forest while it was raining!

Tiina was there, too :).

Go Canucks Go!

This one was a bit freaky but I walked it as well :D.

Tiina wasn't scared?

 After we got back into the city, we walked up and down Robson Street, which is the main shopping street in Vancouver. We went to HMV where I got exactly what I was looking for - Shania Twain's autobiography From This Moment On, which was what I read throughout the rest of the holiday. I love her!


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