Hello everyone!

This is my first entry on here - I've never had a public blog before so bear with me while I figure out the kinks! Anyway, eventually, this now very empty page will turn into a fabulous travel blog, that much I can guarantee (unless I never do figure out the kinks, in which case you can forget about the fabulousness altogether) :). I'm Emilia, a Finnish girl, born in 1982 and working as an English and Swedish teacher at a secondary school. When I'm not at work, I listen to my favourite music (Madonna, Kylie, Shania Twain, Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Sarah McLachlan, Blondie, The Corrs and many more); sing; spend time with my cat, my niece and nephew (born in 2010) and occasionally my friends, too; write letters; read; watch my DVDs; go to the gym whenever I'm not feeling lazy - and, of course, travel. So far I've travelled around in Europe (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, the Vatican City, San Marino, Greece, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and the USA (New York and Los Angeles) but I'm always dreaming of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. To be honest, though, I'm the most intrigued by English-speaking countries. Out of the places I've visited so far, my favourites would be England, the USA, Sweden and Barcelona. I usually travel with my friend Tiina and together we've had some amazing times all over the world. I'm not a solo traveller kind of person - I need to have company throughout the trip.

At the moment, I have two trips lined up: next weekend I'm off to Stockholm, Sweden and in June I'm off to Canada (Vancouver) and the USA (Seattle, San Francisco and Honolulu/O'ahu). I'm very excited about both trips :)!

(EDIT 2016: In 2012, I was lucky enough to meet my now wife Julcsi from Hungary and these days, it's her I mostly travel with.)

Since this is my first ever update and in case someone finds this blog and wants to see what I look like, have some pictures :).

New York, June 2010
                                      Los Angeles & Robert Downey Jr.'s handprints, June 2010.
                                                           Cardiff, Wales, October 2010
                                                          Oslo, Norway, January 2011


  1. Happy to see you starting a blog. It's always a fun thing to do, especially about travel! Looking forward to read you

  2. Loving your blog... Decided to start reading from the beginning xx


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