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Hello there, nice to meet you! I'm so happy you're reading my blog and have even decided to find out a little something about the person behind it! My name is Emilia, I'm from Finland and currently in my 30s. I'm an English teacher by profession and many other things when it comes to my free time - in addition to travelling, I love music, singing, reading, writing, watching TV & films & vlogs. I'm also a cat lover and a proud aunt to the most adorable twins in the world.

I've always loved writing - be it my diary, letters, stories or blog posts. There is nothing better than pouring your heart out on paper or cherishing your memories through words. I'm definitely a storyteller, and an old school one at that. I want to create posts that truly convey the emotions I've felt on the road. I might as as well also confess that, in addition to travel blogging, I dream of being an actual author, too.

My blog gets its name from my all-time favourite travel book, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. As I see myself as a storyteller, too, most of my entries are extensive reports of the trips I've done. In the past, I used to travel with friends and relatives, but these days, I'm pretty much always on the road with my wife, Julcsi. Hence, a lesbian point of view will always be present in whatever I write, one way or another.

My trips usually take me to many different places, but there are some recurring themes that I might just as well mention:

#1 As I'm an English teacher, I tend to want to travel to English-speaking countries to take in as much of their cultures as humanly possible. Obviously by this point, I've only seen a tiny little fraction of all the fabulous places out there, and it is my firm intention to experience a lot more. I love England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the USA as travel destinations and will always continue to go back for more. Also, I think it's worth mentioning that I'm spending the autumn of 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana as a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher.

#2 My wife is Hungarian, and as we both happen to be teachers, we have the opportunity to spend our summers in Hungary every year. Thus, a large chunk of my posts is about various places in Hungary, as well as its neighbouring countries/countries that are closeby and easy to travel to by train/bus/ferry from Hungary.

#3 Since we live in Finland, we tend to travel around the country as much as we can as well. Therefore, some Northern magic can be found here from time to time, too.

My dream destinations are for example Iceland, the Deep South in the US, the Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Athens and some type of island hopping in Greece, an interrail type of trip pretty much anywhere in Europe...So, stay tuned to find out where I end up going next!

And in the meanwhile, welcome aboard! I hope you'll enjoy the ride!



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