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Szín-Ház Apartman Review - LGBTQ+ Friendly Accommodation in Gyula, Hungary

Last year, Julcsi and I were, simply out of curiosity, browsing through the Szállá website to see what kind of guesthouses are available in Gyula, Hungary, when we bumped into something completely unexpected - a B&B that advertises itself as LGBTQ+ friendly! We couldn't believe our eyes when we spotted the official Hungarian LGBTQ+ safe space sticker on the website. An LGBTQ+ friendly guesthouse, in Julcsi's hometown of all places! There and then, we knew that we'd need to give this place a go. After all, it's not like Hungary is particularly known for its gay friendliness and successful attempts to better LGBTQ+ rights. In other words, finding Szín-Ház Apartman was a very positive surprise!

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